Talia Charity is a non-governmental organization that aims to provide support and to ensure a decent life to the most underprivileged individuals and families living in our society. It seeks to unleash their potential for creativity and initiative and to boost their self-confidence, their belief in their potential and their self-sufficiency. Far from being motivated by pity for people in need, Talia Association is rather motivated by the strong belief that giving a man a fish feeds him for a day; while showing him how to catch fish feeds him for a lifetime.


Our noble mission consists in ensuring a decent life

Talia Association is founded on principles and values that cherish and respect humanity. Its noble mission consists in ensuring a decent life to the most underprivileged individuals and families in our society.

Talia Association aims to enable these people, by guiding them along the way towards improving their living. It works mainly on empowering them professionally or academically. Talia communicates directly with its beneficiaries, in order to help them find a job opportunity that matches their skills, competencies and needs. Not only has it given them career advice, but also soft loans. The relationship between Talia and its beneficiaries is founded on respect, care, human values and dignity for all.

To effectively achieve its noble goals and humanitarian mission, our association has endowed itself with staff able to successfully carry out its determined tasks and responsibilities. To ensure the best outcomes, Talia carries out recurrent revisions of its plans and assessments of the performance of its staff. Such close follow-up aims to achieve many objectives, including to make sure that relations with beneficiaries remain cordial and built on respect and care.



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