Talia Association empowers outstanding students under difficult social conditions, who cannot benefit from bank loans in view of their situation. Talia offers them zero interest loans to graduate from the finest private universities in Lebanon such as American University of Beirut, Saint Joseph University and Balamand. Furthermore, Talia provides scholarships for students in Lebanese University.

Criteria for approval of a request for an educational aid

  • An outstanding student;

  • Having financial difficulties;
  • Of Lebanese nationality;
  • Not convicted for a misdemeanor or a felony;
  • Of good conduct;

  • Financial aid covers 100% of the Lebanese University tuition fees;

  • All majors at the Lebanese University are accepted;
  • The required score on Official Baccalaureate exam is 12/20;
  • A certified university transcript after each semester must be provided;

  • Loan requests for university students are approved in case student are unable to benefit from bank loans, for valid justifications;

  • Financial aid is granted as a financial loan to outstanding students, to be paid back to the Foundation with no interest. Student shall start paying their dues six months after their graduation, within a period of ten years approximately;
  • Applicants shall not change their major without informing the Foundation and getting its approval thereon; otherwise, they shall be subject to penalty;
  • The required score on the Official Baccalaureate exam is 16/20;
  • The required score for continuing to benefit from the financial aid is B, i.e. 80%;
  • Students must complete their studies within the timeline set out by the university;
  • Students continue to benefit from the financial aid as long as they complete their studies within the initial timeline set out by the university, meaning that they are not allowed to divide the official duration of the courses into credits according to their wishes;
  • The loan shall be granted according to the payment schedule set out by the university. He or she shall pledge to regularly visit the Foundation, provide educational assistance to other beneficiary students, and participate in the activities organized by the Foundation.
  • Private Universities approved by the Foundation
    • The American University of Beirut
    • Saint Joseph University
    • University of Balamand
  • Specialties to be financed by the Foundation in private universities
    • Medicine
    • Engineering
    • Computer Sciences
    • Finance and Banking
    • Nano-technology

Documentation required from applicants

  • Two passport-size photographs ;

  • An Extract of Individual Civil Registry Record and an Extract of Family Civil Registry Record;
  • List of university fees;
  • Police record;
  • Residence attestation certified by the mayor;
  • Salary attestation in case the applicant is an employee;
  • A certified copy of the high school diploma or previous university transcripts;
  • Death certificate in case the Applicant is an orphan;



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